Structural Steel Design, 3rd Edition

The primary purpose of this book is to present the design procedures for steel buildings using both
the limit states design approach and the allowable strength design method in a practical, concise, and
easy-to-follow format that includes the design of all the major structural steel elements. In the United
States, both the load and resistance factor design (LRFD) method and the allowable strength design
(ASD) method are prescribed in the latest standard for the design of steel buildings from the American
Institute of Steel Construction, AISC 360-16. Although the latest AISC manual follows a dual format,
with the LRFD requirements presented side by side with the ASD requirements, only one of these two
design methods is usually taught in detail at most colleges. For the design of steel bridges in the United
States, the mandated design method for bridges receiving federal funding is the LRFD method, and
most civil engineering, architectural engineering, and civil engineering technology undergraduate programs
in the United States offer at least one course in structural steel design using the LRFD method.