OpenRoads ConceptStation CE 2019


The OpenRoads ConceptStation team is extremely happy to announce the new release of OpenRoads ConceptStation CONNECT Edition. This software offers roadway and bridge design capabilities to help road and land development engineers create intelligent models in context.

What’s New in version

The following summarizes the new features and enhancements in OpenRoads ConceptStation.

– Auto compact of file (on close)
– Streaming Scalable Mesh (ContextShare integration)
– Streaming imagery from Bing
– Scalable mesh provenance feedback (where data originated)
– Updated road markings to comply with Chinese Road Traffic signs and markings standards.
– Add link to element (on click)
– New background overrides (customizable gradients)
– Support of China CGCS2000 geographic coordinate system
– Allow Fit To View and Override Project Location (Models)
– Import/Export Enhancements

. Choose specific alignments to import/export
. Overwrite on import
. Reprojection during import (TIN, DTM, ALG, LandXML)
. Import speed tables
. Export speed tables
– Template Enhancements
. Divided Highway
. New MSE Wall
– Intersection Enhancements
. Support for raised islands

. Improved Grading
. Sprites added to the legs of intersections (change template on click)
– Grading Enhancements
. Overlapping side slope resolution
– Ramp Enhancements
. Vertical grade at gore matching primary road
. Complete vertical design with reverse parabolic curves
. Proper handling of lane add/drop at gores
– Bridge Enhancements
. Support for Divided Highways
. Support for Box and Girder bridge types
– Tunnel Enhancements
. Support for Divided Highways
. Additional shapes support (box, horseshoe, curvilinear (3 radii)
. Additional parameters to help size the tunnel
– Hyperloop support (Technology Preview mode only)
– Backstage Enhancements

. New Background Overrides (Customizable Gradients)
. Local or Online Documentation Toggle
. Visualization Settings are now independently managed in LumenRT

About OpenRoads ConceptStation. OpenRoads ConceptStation is a new modeling application that allows civil engineering professionals to create conceptual road and bridge models much more quickly—within hours as opposed to days. One of the ways OpenRoads ConceptStation is able to accomplish this is by utilizing relevant BIM data from sources such as existing point clouds, reality meshes, GIS, etc.

Building on that existing BIM data, OpenRoads ConceptStation allows for better decision making by utilizing project cost and engineering drawing tools. The combination of these tools helps to increase design productivity, identify risks and minimize project costs.

These tools allow engineers and designers to evaluate more options and costs during the planning stage of a project. Final conceptual design models are then uploaded to either OpenRoads or OpenBridge. This promises both to streamline the process and to help to ensure that the original design intent is carried through the rest of the project workflow, all the way through construction.

Some of the key capabilities of the software, as announced by Bentley, include:

– GeoCoordination: this feature is intended to help users find, download, import and georeference contextual information for designs from sources such as point clouds, reality meshes, terrain data, images and GIS information. This will help support 3D modeling workflows.
– Sketching tools: users will have access to a toolkit designed to help create 3D models rapidly and efficiently. This will include tools for roads, bridges, ramps, guardrails, retaining walls and more.
– Project costing: OpenRoads ConceptStation will automatically generate a project’s costs. This will help engineers and planners to identify high-cost items or potential risks, as well as identify necessary quantities of materials.
– LumenRT: the software is integrated with Bentley’s visualization and reality modeling software, so users will be able to create realistic settings quickly and without intensive rendering.
– PTV VISSIM: the software will also be integrated with PTV VISSIM for traffic analysis and planning.