tring-based Modeling for Road and Highway Design, Rehabilitation, and Renewal

Bentley MXROAD Suite combines all of the power of MXROAD (an advanced, string-based modeling tool for new design of all road types) together with PowerSurvey (an all-in-one, standalone survey solution), MXRENEW (a complimentary solution that fits new design onto existing roads for rehabilitation and reconstruction), and MXURBAN (parametric design software for roads in cities and urban areas).

Bentley MXROAD Suite includes the ability to quickly create new design alternatives for any type of scheme in order to achieve the “ideal” road system. Upon selection of the final design alternative, MXROAD automates much of the design detailing process, saving the user time and money.

Bentley PowerSurvey is a comprehensive survey data management solution. It provides surveying professionals and engineers with a complete set of survey-specific tools. Built on the same CAD platform as stand-alone MXROAD, the software directly processes the data from your field survey device and automatically displays the resulting graphics onscreen. You can then manipulate the data using PowerSurvey’s editing, reduction, and adjustment tools, before writing the resulting data directly to the MX Model File or Land XML.

Bentley MXROAD uses 3D string modeling technology—a proven, powerful, and concise method of creating any 3D surface. Localized in all key markets, MXROAD Suite has an interoperable database that allows engineers to create and annotate 3D project models in the most popular CAD platforms and in a Stand-Alone version which has fully functional, high quality CAD tools built in.

Digital Terrain Model (DTM) creation and analysis, full alignment, road and junction design capability, 2D and 3D drainage design, volume and quantity extraction, 2D and 3D PDF creation, integration with Google Earth, and automated production of contract drawings complete a tool set that allows MXROAD users to feel confident tackling the design of any type of road, large or small.

Bentley MXRENEW is an advanced software tool that fits new design onto existing roads for rehabilitation and reconstruction. It provides a logical sequence of design steps based on traditional methods, making it easy to use with only a minimum of training.

During road design, MXRENEW helps you minimize the volume of pavement construction material, while still retaining the minimum required thickness of overlay. It lets you define the geometry of a new design and provide details of paving quantities, drawings, and setting-out reports. A project can involve the overlaying of an existing pavement, new design, or a combination of the two.

Bentley MXURBAN is parametric design software for the development of roads in cities and urban areas with dense concentrations of population, utilities, and services. It offers an easy-to-use menu that steps you through the road design project workflow. From road overlays within existing kerb lines, to full reconstruction of roads and associated footpaths. MXURBAN lets you work better and faster to achieve real-world road designs in minimal time, speeding the process of design iteration and refinement to ensure the optimal design solution.

MXURBAN is unique in that you can design roadways from the edges in. The user defines the constraints, minimums and maximums, street furniture and thresholds, plus other limits, and MXURBAN fits the design parametrically. This allows you to work quickly and effectively from the outside of the road towards the center; a different approach to the traditional centerline outwards method.