This Geotechnical Special Publication (GSP) contains 49 technical papers in the area of deep foundations (traditional driven piles and drilled shafts as well as innovative deep foundation construction technologies) and in situ geotechnical testing and monitoring techniques. An invited keynote paper, prepared by Professor Maosong Huang of Tongji University and Mr. Weidong Wang of East China Architectural Design and Research Institute, presented recent advances in theory and analysis methods for characterizing load carrying capacity and deformation behavior of uplift piles in soft ground. The remaining 48 technical papers are grouped into four sections. The “Piled Raft System and Soil-Structure Interaction” section contains ten papers focusing on analytical study and field monitoring of piled raft foundation system and analysis techniques for soil-foundation-structure interactions. The “Deep Foundations” section contains eighteen papers on the topics related to traditional drilled shafts and driven piles. Twelve technical papers in the “Innovative Foundations” section cover a wide range of non-traditional foundation system, such as anchor piles, rammed concrete piles, SDCM piles, cast-in-place concrete pipe piles, and jacked piles, among others. Eight technical papers in the “In-Situ Testing” section present recent research findings and case studies on in-situ geotechnical testing techniques.

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