Pavement Analysis and Design, 2nd Edition

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Highway Engineering Pavements, Materials and Control of Quality

This book concentrates on design, construction, maintenance and management of pave- ments for roads/highways. It also includes pavement materials since they are an integral part of pavements. It has been written for graduates, postgraduates as well as practicing engi- neers and laboratory staff and incorporates the author’s 30 years of involvement in teaching, researching and […]

Geotechnical Aspects of Pavement Engineering (2018, Momentum Press)

Familiarity with geotechnical aspects of pavement engineering is essen- tial for any practicing pavement or geotechnical engineer. When design- ing pavements on an existing roadbed or along a new alignment, accurate characterization of the existing subgrade condition plays an important and difficult task. In most situations, traditional geotechnical exploration and testing methods have been used […]